Can you imagine yourself being firmly bound with the exception of your hips, while being visually, mentally and physically tormented?

Having your manhood stroked and caressed beyond endurance, whilst I whisper total filth in your ear, your hips are straining while your shackles remind you that you can’t move and your release is my decision, and mine alone!!
I can feel your whole body tense as my hot breath passes your neck and my hands silkily descend to your throbbing cock, pre-come starts to form and drip from the purple engorged tip, I massage it in with my thumb as you squirm and attempt to thrust into fresh air.

Your eyes are firmly focused on the curves of my body as I eventually allow you the ultimate release from your exquisite torture. As your pulsating cock sends pearly jets of semen all over my stockings, your body twitches and convulses just before you collapse with an exhausted but satisfied smile on your face..!!