Erotic spanking has been around for thousands of years and should never be confused with the abuse of brutal beatings; erotic spanking is unquestionably an aphrodisiac as well as a fine art that can be a pleasure to administer as it can to be on the receiving end.

I find it a huge turn on when spanking a sub over my knee, when I start to detect that excited bulge developing between their legs and their hips start to try and grind themselves into my thighs, the tempo now increases, so does the pleasure and their arousal. Although I know they can’t help it I will always spank a sub harder for soiling my stockings with their pre-cum and firmly grasp their full aroused cock while perhaps spanking then with an old slipper.

I will occasionally stop to rake my nails across their red behind or gently caress them with a cool hand; I will often slide my hand between their trembling thighs just to add to the physical torment!!