With any female domination scenario you will find a generous sprinkling of humiliation, in fact I would say it’s the glue that holds ‘Femdom’ together.
For example, telling one of my subs to clean my friend’s kitchen whilst dressed as a fairy, I thought would be a well spent afternoon’s entertainment and it was!

Watching a sub trying to keep his composure while my friend and I sexually teased and tormented him is great fun. The moment we detected an erection I would immediately spank his bottom. Also we noticed that in his excitement he had dribbled his lustful excretions all over her tiled floor. So we gave him a bucket and scrubbing brush to clean the whole floor and told him to think himself lucky that he wasn’t given a tooth brush to do the job.
Afterwards he was given a good thrashing and locked in chastity until he could behave himself.