Domination doesn’t have to mean whips, chains and dungeons, unless you want it to be.
Domination can mean having the courage to hand over total control to somebody who can take you on an intimate trip of your own secret desires, some of which may mean total embarrassment, but never the less a huge turn on. So being forced to do extremely naughty things can remove all the guilt and just let you enjoy the experience, and I do enjoy forcing people to do exceedingly naughty things..
Imagine being forced to be a little doggy, a naughty little doggy that likes to sniff ladies panties, or rub himself on mummy’s leg. Little doggies often get their tummies rubbed while lying on their backs while looking up mummy’s skirt, if they’re very lucky that is.!!
Perhaps being forced to dress as your little sister, or made to swallow your own cum, anything is possible in my world of domination
If you’re brave enough you may wish to go on a very risky mystery tour by just letting me have free reign over your sexual destiny, these sessions can be very involved and take a couple of hours or more. Do you have the courage to let go??