I’ve been involved in the BDSM scene for many years, from house Dom to professional Mistress.

Unlike the Mistresses that scream and bellow like army staff sergeants, I control by charm and pleasure treats, but I’m afraid If you don’t behave I can be the temptress from hell...!!

I’m not into heavy caning or causing bodily harm, I prefer the erotic and the administering of exquisite pain, that’s a pain that’s actually a very intense pleasure and being kept in that extreme state for any length of time can be a torture in itself. Some of my sessions can become highly charged and just a simple stroke with a feather can be the agony of pleasure overload

I really enjoy what I do, and I make sure that the person I’m with is enjoying the scenario as much as I am, with role play in particular, I take great pleasure in being totally immersed in the role and sharing the moment...