I have always thought that Cock and Ball torture is a dreadful description of something so pleasurable, well for me at least.

Strapping up a nice pair of balls so tight that they actually shine is fascinating to me, so is inserting a specially designed metal probe into a beautifully tight urethra, all the while i'm sliding my elegantly long fingers up and down a nice stiff cock. The vision being totally sublime.

Claws, clamps, weights, leather straps, mechanical restraints and numerous other gadgets are all at my disposal, add some of my special electrical equipment into the equation and you have the ultimate pacifier for the man who loves having his Cock and Balls sensually tortured to the point of an agonizingly and deliciously pleasurable release.

The expression of a mans face when being forcibly held on the edge of a sexual abyss is so rewarding, the thought of it is making me squirm writing this.!!